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Art - Saloon - Emilia lskrenova
The yuong artist Emilia Iskrenova

The young artist Emilia Iskrenova was born on July 17,1981 in Pernik/Bulgaria.

As schoolgirl shows she his talent. She study at the collage for Audio/Video Art in Sofia and she end cartoon movie producer. Her Diploma was 3 minute Cartoon movie "The Illusion". She paint abstract, still lives and graphics, but also she loves to do her work with Aquarelle and oil pencils. At the moment she prepare her first Independent exhibition.

Nowadays she lives and works in Sofia. She is represented by NEST-ART®.

Some of her paintings are shown below and they are presented for sale. If you are interested in, please donít hesitate to contact us.

Castle Ratush, Vienna
1. "Castle Ratush, Vienna" Aquarelle/Tempera 35/48 € Ask
2 ."Forest" Aquarelle/Tempera 35/48 € Ask
Triavna Town
3. "Triavna - Town" Aquarelle/Tempera 35/48 € Ask
4. "Garden" Aquarelle/Tempera 35/48 € Ask
Living room
5. "Birch" Graphic 35/50 € Ask
6. "Living room" Aquarelle/Tempera 35/48 € Ask
Living room II
7 ."Kitchen" Aquarelle/Tempera 35/48 € Ask
8. "Living room II" Aquarelle/Tempera 35/48 € Ask
Time portal
9. "Flowers" Aquarelle/Tempera 33/23 € Ask
10. "Time portal" Aquarelle/Tempera 35/50 € Ask