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Art - Saloon - Malina Koleva
The artist Malina Koleva

The artist Malina Koleva was born on January, 03, 1969 in Drianovo village in Bulgaria.

She was graduated in the Art school in village Triavna/Bulgaria and after that in 1995 she was graduated in Veliko Tarnovo at the University “St. St, Cyril and Methodiy” – specialty “Art”

The favorite techniques of the Artist Malina Koleva are first of all water colors/aquarelle and paint and feather. Refinement of the lines of his works gives us unremitting lights and makes them unique and very attractive for each collector. Her works made by Oil are in particular still, typical for Balkan Region especially of village of Triavna. The trials of the Artist of painting of icons fall also under influence of the old Triavna icon painters from the renaissance by strictly observe of the east Orthodox Church canon.

The offered works are only a little part of the rich portfolio of aquarelle's, oil works or icons of the Artist Malina Koleva. You may order from the artist extra works, especially and only for you.

Nowadays the artist Malina Koleva lives and works in Sofia. She is represented by NEST ART®.

Some of her paintings are shown below and they are presented for sale. If you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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1. "Rose", Aquarelle, 35 x 50 cm., Price Ask

2. "Bloom twigs", Aquarelle, 35x50 cm.,
Price Ask

3. "Lillie", Aquarelle, 35x50 cm., Ask

4. "Veliko Tarnovo", Aquarelle, 35x50 cm.,
Price Ask

5. "Orchids", Aquarelle, 35x50 cm.,
Price Ask

6. "White Rose", Aquarelle, 35x50 cm.,
Price Ask

7. "Nazis", Aquarelle, 35x50 cm.,
Price Ask

8. "Veliko Tarnovo", Aquarelle, 35x50 cm.
Price Ask

9."Alexander Nevski Cathedral", paint and feather, 15x25 cm., Price Ask

10. "Plovdiv", Oil, 35x45 cm., SOLD

11. "St. Maria", Icons after order!

12. "Jesus Christ", Icons after order!

13. "Horse", Oil, 60x70 cm., SOLD

14. "Horse", Oil, 60x70 cm., SOLD

15."Gipsy woman ", Re pro after Mrkvichka, Oil, 60x70 cm., SOLD

16. "Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia", Oil, 60x70 cm., Price: EURO 150

17. "Memorials in Sofia", Oil, 60x70 cm. SOLD

18. "Horses-Re pro", Oil, 80x40 cm., SOLD

19. "Gipsy woman-Re pro", Oil, 60x70 cm., SOLD

20. "V. Tarnovo", Aquarelle, SOLD

21. "Flower", Aquarelle, SOLD

22. "Bunch of flowers", Aquarelle, SOLD

23. "Nude", Aquarelle, SOLD

24. "Red roses", Aquarelle, SOLD

25. "Red roses", Aquarelle, SOLD

26. "Veliko Tarnovo", Aquarelle, SOLD
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