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Art - Saloon - Natalia Stoyanova
The artist Natalia Stoyanova

The artist Natalia Stoyanova was born on 28.02.1982 in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria in the family of artists.

In the year 2000 she graduated high school, speciality “Arts”. After she left high school, she went to study in the “St. St. Cyrill and Methodius” of Veliko Tarnovo, speciality “ Pedagogics of Art – black and white drawing” and has a Bachelor’s degree.
Finally she got a Master’s degree in “Fine Arts – black and white drawing”.
She took part in several joint exhibitions in Veliko Tarnovo where she currently lives and creates her paintings.

Nowadays the young artist Natalia Stoyanova lives and works in Veliko Tarnovo. He is represented by NEST-ART®.

Some of her arts are shown below and they are presented for sale. If you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Natalia Stoyanova, "Sunfllowers" - Oil,, 50/50 cm., EUR 290
Natalia Stoyanova, "To the destiller" - Oil, 55/45 cm., EUR 450
11. "Sunfllowers" - Oil,, 50/50 cm., Ask

12. "To the destiller" - Oil, 55/45 cm., Ask

Natalia Stoyanova, "Act" -Oil, 30/17 cm., EUR 130
Natalia Stoyanova, "Veliko Tarnovo" - Oil, 45/56 cm., EUR 200
9."Act" -Oil, 30/17 cm., Ask
10. ."Veliko Tarnovo" - Oil, 45/56 cm., Ask
Natalia Stoyanova, "She", Oil, 70/78; Price EUR 350
Natalia Stoyanova, "Violine" Oil, 60/30 cm., EUR 160
7. "She", Oil, 70/78 cm.; Price Ask
8. "Violine" Oil, 60/30 cm., Ask
The Magic of The Dance
Natalia Stoyanova, House in Zeleni, Oil 27/ 35cm; Price EUR 160
5. "The Magic of The Dance" - Oil - 46/61 cm. Ask
6.House in Zeleni, Oil 27/ 35 cm; Price Ask
3. "Alma" /mix Technique/, Ask Print
4. "Lazarka" - OIl 68/75 cm. Ask
1. " Fantasy" - Oil 68/75 cm., Ask
2."Fantasy” , Ask
Works from the Artist Natalia Stoyanova, still in collectors ownership
Natalia Stoyanova, "Landscape Veliko Tarnovo", Oil, 29/35 cm.
Landscape Veliko Tarnovo, Oil, 29/35 cm.
Natalia Stoyanova, "Working-bee" - Oil, 28/19 cm., EUR 120
"Working-bee" - Oil, 28/19 cm.,
Natalia Stoyanova,"Poppy", Oil, 39/45 cm.
Poppy, Oil, 39/45 cm.
Natalia Stoyanova, "Still-life 1", Oil, 39/45 cm., Price EUR 300
"Still-life 1", Oil, 39/45 cm.,
Natalia Stoyanova, Zarevetz in Veliko Tarnovo", Oil, 45/56 cm. Zarevetz in Veliko Tarnovo, Oil, 45/56 cm.
Natalia Stoyanova, Take part in contest, Oil, 27/35 cm; Price EUR 120
Take part in contest, Oil, 27/35 cm;
Natalia Stoyanova, "Veliko Tarnovo 2", Oil, 60/40 cm. Veliko Tarnovo- 2, Oil, 60/40 cm.
"Flowers" - Oil 46/55 cm.,
Natalia Stoyanova, Dream, Watercolours/Aquarelle; 24/37cm. Dream, Watercolours/Aquarelle; 24/37cm.
Natalia Stoyanova, Daisy, Oil, 46/55 cm. Daisy, Oil, 46/55 cm.
Natalia Stoyanova, "Still life with Sunfllowers" - Oil 33/41 cm. Still life with Sunfllowers - Oil 33/41 cm.
Natalia Stoyanova, "Still life" - Oil - 38/46 cm. Still life - Oil - 38/46 cm.
Natalia Stoyanova,"MONASTERY" - Oil 33/41 cm. MONASTERY - Oil 33/41 cm.
Natalia Stoyanova, "Stilll life with flowers" - Oil 21/27 cm. Stilll life with flowers - Oil 21/27 cm.