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The NEST Agency Ltd and the Foundation NEST has the pleasure to introduce to you the most quickly development part of its new Company Gallery NEST Art, where you can see contemporary art and the occasion articles.

The introduction of the works and the organization of exhibitions for contemporary Bulgarian artists is the main goal NEST Foundation together with NEST Agency.

Promoting new ideas and having in mind the desires and the taste of its customers, NEST Agency, created this commercial site, where is joint:

  • Contemporary masters of art, sculptors,  advantgardists, graphic artists, ceramists, artists dealing with  metal, glass, leather, wood, textiles, artists working in the area of iconography, arts jeweler, applied graphics, illustration, caricature and other applied art and old occasion articles.


The Company NEST organizes:

  • exhibitions of contemporary Artists,

The Company NEST offers :

  • the possibility for this, who likes to sell his exceptionally valuable articles,  to find his best purchasers and collectors,
  • to their real estimators of art and occasion articles, to find out regularly  on these site really beautiful things.

Dear art and antiquary connoisseurs,

take an inside look into the works and make your choice!

And if the colors fascinate you and the media impress you, should you find out the cherished paintings and works, which seems to “wink” at you and saturate your collector’s passion, then do not hesitate - just remember the place.